A Deflationary Cat-Token Founded To Protect All Meme Communities

Meet OPTIMUS, protector of all CATs, inspired by Elon Musk’s AI robot

Get ready for DEX 2.0

* Set slippage to 12%

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For every interaction with the OPTIMUS contract, 10% tax will be taken to feed and strengthen our existing community, ultimately taking it to OPTIMUS-status
Added to the liquidity pool to make OptimusCat more liquid in order to attract large investors
Marketing funds will be used to pay for advertisements, partnerships, exchange listings and future development of marketable features
Holding OptimusCat will earn you even more tokens passively. These rewards will be distributed fairly among all holders
Will be sent to the burn address. This makes OptimusCat deflationary
Total supply: 10 Trillion
Locked supply (liquidity): 90%, locked for 1 year
Remaining supply: 10% distributed to supporting entities & initial liquidity providers

How to Buy


  • 1000 holders
  • Setting up core team
  • Website launch
  • BSC (BEP20) Contract launch
  • Whitepaper
  • COINGECKO listing
  • Connecting with influencers
  • Meme contests
  • 2500 holders
  • OptimusSwap BSC
  • OptimusSwap ETH
  • ETH (ERC20) Contract
  • ETH <-> BSC Bridge
  • Connecting with more influencers
  • Giveaways
  • Shilling contests
  • Website localization (Chinese)
  • Dev team expansion
  • 5000 holders
  • OptimusSwap BSC
  • OptimusSwap ETH
  • ETH (ERC20) Contract
  • ETH <-> BSC Bridge
  • Smart contract audit
  • Website localization (Spanish)
  • Website localization (French)
  • Dev team expansion
  • Trust Wallet integration
  • Additional token utility
  • Real-world advertising
  • Create undisclosed environment
  • 25000 holders
  • OptimusSwap Limit Order Protocol
  • OptimusCharts
  • OptimusTracker (Reflections)
  • Tier 1 exchange listing
  • Collectibles/NFTs
  • Meme conferences/Public events
  • OptimusCat Merchandise
  • Charity donations
  • Real-world advertising
And more...

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the OptimusCat reward system work?
In order to reward our token holders, 2% of the 10% transaction fee will be distributed to all token holders.

In effect, this means that you will see your token amount rise as long as you have $OPCAT tokens in your wallet.

The more volume $OPCAT has, the more passive income you’ll receive.
What is burning and why does it matter?
Coins like “Doge” are infamous for being inflationary as coins are continuously being minted, increasing the supply and thereby reducing the price per coin.

OptimusCat on the other hand is deflationary, meaning that we have mechanics in place that will continuously burn away tokens. Thereby increasing the price per coin.

1 percentage point of the fee will be sent to a special burn wallet whose contents will be sent to a burn address every now and then during special “burn events”.
Where can I buy $OPCAT?
You can purchase $OPCAT through the BSC network on PancakeSwap. Please set slippage to 12%.
Navigate to PancakeSwap
Is liquidity locked? How do I know this is not a rug pull?
In the context of crypto, a rug pull is the act of removing liquidty from a DEX liquidity pool. Once liquidity has been removed, token holders are left with untradeable assets.

Most reputable projects lock pooled liquidity for a certain period. We have chosen to lock our liquidity through Unicrypt, a very reputable entity in the scene.

You can see proof of this here.
Has ownership of the contract been renounced?
When a coin creator retains ownership over a coin, they are able to perform a rug pull, generate tokens whenever they please or prevent users from selling their assets.

Most reputable projects renounce ownership of their coin immediately at launch. We have chosen to do this as well.

See this transaction for proof of ownership renounciation.
What are the marketing funds used for?
The cryptocurrency space is highly competitive and you need vast resources and tireless workers to ensure that the name of your token gets out there rather than buried under the never-ending flood of new additions.

We will use 3% of the 10% fee to pay for advertisements, partnerships, and exchange listings.

At the time of writing we’ve already made use of these funds to collaborate with crypto influencers, highlight our token on various cryptocurrency websites, and promote it on social media.

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